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The Cords & Co

The Cords & Co was created by a passionate group of people united by a shared love for corduroy - a versatile, durable and unique textile everyone has a relationship with. As part of a sub-culture, an iconic pop reference, or a 70's inspired memory, we celebrate velvet's ribbed cousin by building a new and inspired corduroy community. To take it from the past and present it as the future, a classic re-imagined in a contemporary way - we give this material the love it deserves.  We lead the charge of the cord revival, channelling our unified passion and enthusiasm into a brand and culture dedicated to corduroy. We share with the world a fabric loaded with memories, ribbed with ridges, textures and lustrous feelings that reflect the ups and downs of life. We pay tribute to its long but little-known history by creating our own. What began as royal cloth then became a worker's wardrobe staple, The Cords & Co will spark the corduroy revolution.