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Anonymous Ism

Anonymous Ism was founded in 2002. After a number of seasons making socks for other brands, they decided to create their own designs and styles, many of which have now become iconic, modern classics. 

The design team find their references from diverse modern sources - marine, military and workwear, to name a few. Historical Japanese designs, incorporating art, traditional clothing and the ancient military disciplines also contribute to a huge variety of influences and inspirations.

The first collections were made on 1970s knitting machines which were slow and unreliable but able to create intricate designs and textures. These machines are now rare and the spare parts are very hard to find but modern alternatives have been built and the team are able to replicate the feel of the old looms without worrying about machinery parts falling off.

The soul of Anonymous Ism is constant even if the fabrication moves forward all the time. The new collection has more organic yarns than before, and there is an increasing use of recycled cottons and paper yarns. The collaboration with GoHemp sees the introduction of hemp, a wonder yarn that is both skin-kind and environmentally friendly, using only 10% of the water needed for conventional cotton.